* 1. Which type of customer would you consider yourself?

* 2. What was the reason you contacted Consumer Protection?

Staff Assistance

* 3. The Consumer Protection staff member was professional, courteous, and helpful.

* 4. The Consumer Protection staff member provided complete and accurate Information.

Telephone Calls

* 5. I was satisfied with the handling of the telephone call.

* 6. The length of time to reach the appropriate person was satisfactory to me.

* 7. I received a timely response.

Written Complaint, Information or Documentation

* 8. My complaint/request was resolved to my satisfaction.

* 9. Even though I was disappointed with the results, I was satisfied with the customer service provided by Consumer Protection.

* 10. Written information or documentation was easy to understand.

* 11. If you feel Consumer Protection exceeded your customer service expectations, is there a staff person you wish to commend? If yes, please enter the staff person´s name here.

* 12. Tell us more about how this person helped you. (optional)

* 13. If you don't think Consumer Protection met your customer service expectations, please describe the situation. Helpful details include the date and the name of the CP staff person involved.

* 14. Based on your experience with Consumer Protection, what improvements would you recommend?

* 15. Optional - Your contact information:

* 16. TDI may release my email address in response to a public information request.

Email Addresses

Under most circumstances, individual email addresses are protected by the Texas Public Information Act. Sharing this information for purposes of processing your information does not waive these confidentiality protections. However, you may affirmatively consent to the release of your email address in response to a public information request or inquiry. If you would like more information about the public or confidential nature of information maintained by TDI, please consult our Open Records Policy and our Web Site Privacy Policy. This form is encrypted to meet privacy requirements.

With few exceptions, you are entitled to be informed about the information that TDI collects about you. Under sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Texas Government Code, you have a right to review or receive copies of information about yourself, including private information. However, TDI may withhold information for reasons other than to protect your right to privacy. Under section 559.004 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled to request that TDI correct information TDI has about you that is incorrect. For more information about the procedure and costs for obtaining information from TDI or about the procedure for correcting information kept by TDI, please contact the Office of Agency Counsel in the Legal Section of the General Counsel Division at AgencyCounsel@tdi.texas.gov or visit the Corrections Procedure section of TDI's web page at www.tdi.texas.gov.