1. Basic Questions

In this month's survey we are trying to better understand how familiar you are with various Internet words as well as trying to learn more about your Internet use. We plan to use this information internally to better tailor our services to your needs and skills.

* 1. What is DSL?

* 2. What is phishing?

* 3. What is a Web Accelerator (aka BMI Turbo)?

* 4. How many computers do you have in your household?

* 5. Are you computers networked together?

* 6. Do you currently have always on Internet (aka Broadand, Cable, DSL, Wireless)?
In other words are you using an Internet connection other than dialup (modem over phone line).

* 7. Do you currently have a network?

* 8. How many adults in your house currently use your Internet connection?

* 9. How many children in your household use the Internet at home?

* 10. Do you do routine backups?

* 11. Do you currently have AV protection?

* 12. Are you currently a customer of BMI?

* 13. What is your gender?

* 14. What is your age?

* 15. Optional - What is your current monthly household income?

* 16. Would you like to add any other comments? Please do, we will read them.