* 1. Have you ever felt that your spouse was unhappy while you were on an International Job posting?

* 2. If you did feel that your spouse was unhappy did it affect your homelife?

* 3. Did it affect your work life?

* 4. Which of the following have you experienced as a result of your spouse not being happy in the new country?

* 5. Have you ever cut short an International posting or requested a transfer due to your spouse being unhappy in the new country?

* 6. Do you think support for your spouse beyond the initial settling in period would have been beneficial and would have improved your overall experience of being an Expatriate?

* 7. Do you think employers should provide more support to Expatriate Spouses?

* 8. Does your company currently provide support during a relocation for your spouse?

* 9. How many years have you worked as an Expatriate or in a foreign country as a local hire?