FENNER DUNLOP Engineered Conveyor Solutions - Employee Communication Survey

This survey seeks to ensure all Fenner Dunlop employees have received details of our Engineering Conveyor Solutions strategy. The survey should take no more than 4 minutes to complete. Thank you.

1. At which location do you work?

2. Describe your position at Fenner Dunlop.

3. Did you receive a letter at home from our President, Cassandra Pan?

4. Have you seen the ECS posters on the employee bulletin boards or TVs?

5. Did you attend a meeting or session describing our Engineering Conveyor Solutions (ECS) strategy?

6. If you answered “YES” to the previous questions, please provide the date and time.

7. Was the letter, posters and or the meeting helpful in understanding how the management team of Fenner Dunlop is positioning us for long term success?

8. Did you understand how this strategy is intended to make FDA less susceptible to pricing pressures and market downturns?

9. Are you confident you will be able to contribute to this effort?

10. Do you have any questions which were not asked or answered in the meeting?

100% of survey complete.