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* 4. If you have any preferences or suggestions with respect to 1) scheduling, 2) possible activities, or 3) any other aspect of the prospective reunion, let us know here:

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* 5. Please provide your name and email address (or preferred contact information).

This will be kept absolutely private, and will be used only as you indicate below.
You can change your preferences at any time.

  Yes, please DO No, DO NOT
keep me informed about plans for the reunion.
send me occasional program updates (e.g., 1 or 2 per year).
put me on the email distribution list for BU Linguistics Program events that might be opened up to alumni (e.g., talks, social events)

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* 7. We are planning to develop an interface for our Alumni web pages (see ) to allow you to interact with the site directly.

[Please note, in any case: we would welcome updates and pictures; please send these, for now, by email to .]

Which of the following describes your interest in our alumni pages?

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* 8. We often receive questions from current students about what our graduates have gone on to do. To help us give a more accurate answer to this question, could you tell us something about your current occupation and/or the career path that you have followed?

Note that your answers here will only be used in the aggregate, so that we can give an overall idea of the kinds of things our graduates are doing. To post an update on our Alumni web site, please (also) send that information by email to (And even if you have sent in such updates, we'd also really appreciate it if you could provide the information here, as well.)

If you would be willing to allow us to give your contact information to current students who indicate an interest in contacting alumni in your particular field, please indicate this explicitly (since we won't do this without your permission).

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* 9. If you have a web page of any kind -- professional or personal or whatever -- that we could link to from our Alumni page, please provide the URL(s) here:

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* 10. Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.

Please see our web page, for more information about the program.

We would welcome any other comments or suggestions here: