* 1. How often could you see yourself using a tool like the Kid Friendly Places website?

* 2. How likely would you be to use this website to plan out-of-town trips that will include children?

* 3. Which category of places would you likely to search for?

* 4. Which type of tags or attributes would you be most interested in when searching for kid-friendly places?

* 5. How likely would you be to use Kid Friendly Places to:

  Not likely Somewhat likely Likely Very likely
ADD new kid friendly places and activities to the site
RATE and COMMENT on existing places
SEARCH for kid friendly places and activities

* 6. Do you like Kid-Friendly Places enough to recommend it to other people? If so how are you likely to make this recommendation?

* 7. What do you like and/or dislike about the Kid-Friendly Places website?

* 8. How would you make Kid-Friendly Places better?

* 9. What apps or websites do you currently use to find kid-friendly places or activities?

* 10. Thank you for completing this survey!

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