ISFAA needs volunteers who are anxious to do great things and are excited about what we do! Be that volunteer! ISFAA service is a great way to get involved, network with colleagues, develop professionally, learn new skills, and make a difference for your profession. ISFAA reimburses for travel expenses, so your commitment, and that of your institution, is in giving your time and talents for the betterment of your profession.

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Archives Committee---Responsible for gathering, sorting and archiving all ISFAA documents for historical purposes.

Audit and Finance Committee---Responsible for the fiscal affairs of the Association, an annual review of accounting records, preparation of the budget, and other financial aspects of the Association.

Bylaws Committee---At the direction of the Executive Committee, reviews resolutions and other proposals for compliance with the Association’s Bylaws and prepares Bylaw changes for membership vote.

College Goal Sunday Committee---Organizes and plans annual, statewide College Goal Sunday efforts.

Do you want to be a College Goal Sunday site coordinator? Which site are you interested in coordinating?

Conference Program Committee---Establish a theme for the meeting, develop sessions on topics of current interest, and recruit resource persons/presenters for Winter and Summer ISFAA Conferences.

Conference Site Committee---Responsible for all physical arrangements, cost estimations, and registration processes for the Winter and Summer ISFAA Conferences.

Counselor Workshop Committee---Coordinates high school counselor workshops presented statewide with CHE.

Early Awareness Committee---Develop and implement financial aid early awareness initiatives in Indiana.

Electronic Communications Committee---Responsible for the management of the ISFAA listserv and the ISFAA website. This includes all areas of operation from policies for posting information, to how documents are stored. This committee will focus on how to communicate to the membership through creative use of technology - blog, newsletter, social media, listserv, etc.This committee needs writers, editors, software experts, content "recruiters", and social media "czars".

Financial Aid Outreach Committee---Coordinate high school night presentations throughout Indiana and assist in providing planning materials for conducting those nights.

Do you want to be a regional financial aid outreach coordinator? Which county or counties are you interested in coordinating?

Governmental Relations Committee---This committee shall be responsible to educate the Association membership about the legislative process, encourage the membership to effectively express their professional opinion related to creation and modification of legislation, and provide important legislative information to the Association members. The committee also represents the Association with state and federal officials, provides position papers for Executive Committee review and assists with communication to the Indiana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Indiana Workforce Development, and other similar agencies.

Support Staff Workshop---Organizes and develops the program for this convenient, affordable one day training event for support staff that offers training and professional growth opportunities for financial aid administrators that may not have the ability to attend ISFAA, MASFAA, or NASFAA conferences.

Long Range Site Committee---Investigates possible meeting sites for the Association and negotiates services and facilities to be provided.

Make It Real Committee---Organizes and runs "Reality Store" like experiences for ninth grade students in underserved Indiana high schools.  

Membership & Ethics Committee---Responsible for all matters of membership recruitment, approval, and retention. Duties include maintaining membership database, mailing annual membership applications, maintaining membership records, and publishing a membership directory.

New Professional and Mentoring Committee---Responsible for welcoming new members (i.e., making calls, sending email messages, completing a variety of contacts throughout the year). Develop methods of Association communication that will include mentoring new members and enhancing seasoned member communication.

Nominations, Election & Awards Committee---Provides for a fair and honest nomination and election process, presents a slate of candidates to the Executive Committee, supervises the election, and selects members for the various service awards.

Pat Wilson Scholarship Committee---This committee is charged with creating a dynamic and robust fundraising strategy for the Pat Wilson Scholarship fund. This includes a fundraising function at both the Winter and Summer Conferences. This committee will explore the establishment an endowment that will help ensure not only the continuation, but the expansion of this charitable opportunity.

Sponsorship Committee---- Solicits financial support from various vendors to help support the mission of ISFAA and our membership. This may include sponsoring such things as the newsletter advertising, exhibit booths, and refreshment/meals at meetings, keynote speakers and other activities deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Training Committee---Organizes specific training activities as needed and coordinates training seminars presented by NASFAA, the College Scholarship Service, or the Department of Education.

VA Advisory Committee---This committee shall be responsible for serving as a representative for the Association with the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Fostering a working relationship between the Association and DVA and sharing important DVA related updates with ISFAA as they relate to veteran's education benefits.