Your input regarding BLAZES will greatly improve future planning and visits. It will only take a few minutes to complete the survey. We greatly appreciate your time and input.

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* 8. Please give us some feedback on our administrative process in facilitating a BLAZES visit

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CSEE Website is user-friendly
CSEE Website is informative and helpful
Staff responded to request in reasonable amount of time
Communication with CSEE staff was clear and effective

* 9. Please rate your facilitators on the following criteria:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Presentation of subject matter
Ability to answer students' questions
Effectiveness in leading activities
Enthusiasm for activities
Effectiveness in leading tour
Enthusiasm for tour

* 10. Please rate the educational visit and its materials on the following criteria.

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Pace of material presented
Exercises & activities
Amount of student involvement
Appropriate level of difficulty
Relevance to student
Alignment with classroom curriculum

* 11. Please rate the following activities:

  Extremely Valuable Valuable Slightly Valuable Not Valuable N/A
The periodic table and metal blocks
Electricity with the meters
Dry ice and the fire triangle
Metal bars and birthday candles
Advanced Light Source tour
Liquid nitrogen
Overall rating for visit

* 12. What did you learn during this program?

* 13. What would you like students to learn more about?

* 14. What would you change to improve the program?