Thank you for Visiting St. Philip's Today

We are so blessed that you worshiped with us today! We hope you enjoyed your experience with a taste of what our common prayer is like. It's helpful to get feedback, especially from our 1st-time visitors. We strive to be a welcoming, inclusive community but we need guests, like you, to tell us if we are really achieving that goal.
If you have a few minutes, we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out these questions and share your thoughts and honest feedback with us.

* 1. Date of your visit:


* 2. Service you attended

* 3. Please share with us a little bit about your demographics

* 4. If your children attended with you, please share their impressions (preferably in their own words, please state their age & current grade in school)

* 5. In regards to the service you attended, on a scale of 1-5 (1=highly agree, 5=completely disagree) how would you rate the following statements?

  Highly Agree Agree meh, undecided Disagree Completely disagree
The Church was easy to find.
I was greeted warmly & felt comfortable.
The "worship service" was easy to follow.
The sermon was engaging, encouraging, challenging, or relevant to me.
I was able to find information about St. Philip's & the ministries that speak to me.
I was invited to stay for coffee hour.

* 6. Please share any specific thoughts you may have concerning any of the above questions.

* 7. During your visit with St. Philip's, was there anyone in particular who made a lasting impression on you? If so, who and it what ways?

* 8. Do you have any particular comments or recommendations that you would be willing to offer to help St. Philip's improve?

100% of survey complete.