Become a part of the Jet Reports Beta Program

Jet Reports will be entering a beta period for their next release of Jet Professional.

Beta start date:  22 Mar 2018

What to look for in Jet Professional 2018 R2

  • NAV 2018 Compatibility
  • Jet Web Portal Enhancements
    • Manage users and groups
    • Assign create, rename, move, and delete folder permissions to users or groups as a single permission
    • Assign change report owner permission to users or groups
    • Rename a report in the reports list
  • Excel Add-in Features
    • Options for running a report are renamed and combined into a single drop down
    • Application and Data Source Settings combined into drop down
    • Select data source and company when uploading a report to the Jet Web Portal
    • Several windows updated to the new Jet style, including the Upload dialog and the Configure Literals in the Universal Data Source Advanced Settings
  • Background Reporting
    • New option to run a report in the background and not lock up Excel added to the new Run drop down in the Jet ribbon
    • New option to run a report in the background by right-clicking on an Excel file in Windows Explorer and selecting the 'Run Jet Report' option
    • Manage reports run in the background via a system tray app
  • Fast Financials Usability Improvements
    • Select multiple accounts without holding Ctrl key
    • Report Options dates are referenced in the worksheet and the GL functions reference the worksheet rather than the named ranges
    • Variance formulas use relative references rather than absolute for easier copying
    • Report Options are not recreated if the named range already exists
    • User confirmation dialog is displayed if Report Options are deleted

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