In the wake of the Ghost Ship tragedy, the City of Oakland has convened a Special Event Permit Redesign Task Force (Task Force) to make it easier to comply with special event permit requirements.  The Task Force,  which has included Greg Minor and Nancy Marcus in the City's Administrator's Office, Kelley Kahn in the Mayor's Office, Jim MacIlvaine in the Cultural Affairs Office, Sgt. Andy McNeil in the Oakland Police Department, Assistant Fire Marshall Cesar Avila in the Oakland Fire Department, Tim Low in Building Services and Aubrey Rose in the Planning Department, has identified several barriers that discourage compliance, as well as strategies to combat these obstacles.
Now the Task Force wants your input to ensure it is on track towards creating an easier and more streamlined process.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.
THIS SURVEY IS 100% ANONYMOUS.  In order to ensure survey responses remain anonymous, please do not provide any identifying information regarding any venue, regardless of its legal status.  If you have any questions regarding this survey or the Task Force, feel free to email or call Greg Minor at or (510) 238-6370.  The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

* 1. How would you describe your role in events?

* 2. Where do you generally hold events?

* 3. What types of events do you generally hold on public property?

* 4. What types of events do you generally hold on private property?

* 5. On average, how many people attend your events?

* 6. What is the typical age range of your attendees?

* 7. How often would you like to hold events?

* 8. Do you typically procure event insurance for your events?

* 9. Do you typically serve alcohol at your events?

* 10. How do you typically charge for your events?

* 11. What do attendees typically pay for entry to most of your events?

10% of survey complete.