Background Information

We're glad you're interested in applying for one of the Youth Leadership Teams! 

If you need more information before you apply, click here to see a flyer explaining what it means to join a Youth Leadership Team!  And you can click here to see a report that the teams put together the first year with their perspectives about the justice system.  

Here is what some of the young people from the first year have to say about why you should get involved:
"If you really wanna make a difference, this is the way"
"You will be making a difference and bettering yourself"
"Join if you want to be heard"
"It is so fun and your voice will get out there!"
Before you apply: Youth Leadership Teams are for young people who have current or previous personal experience with the juvenile justice (youth justice) system and want to make the system better.  Personal experience with the youth justice system can mean anything from being arrested, being on supervision, or being placed in an out of home placement (group home, detention, etc.).   We do not look at the details of your justice system involvement. 

Please complete this application only if you have some level of current or previous personal experience with the juvenile/youth justice system.  Thank you!
If you have any questions as you are filling out this application, feel free to contact Bryn Martyna, Youth Justice Policy Coordinator, at or (608) 422-6897.

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* 1. How did you learn about Youth Leadership Teams?

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* 2. What city and/or county do you live in? 

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* 3. There will be four area Teams (click here to see the map and list of counties).  After looking at the map, which area Team are you applying for?

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* 4. Youth Leadership Teams will do three main things: (1) give input to the Department of Children and Families (state agency) about youth justice, (2) develop and carry out Team projects to improve the youth justice system, and (3) develop leadership skills.  Click here to see the flyer for more information.

Why are you interested in joining a Youth Leadership Team? (please answer in 1 to 3 sentences)

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* 5. Which youth justice topics are you most interested in? (select as many as you want)

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* 6. How do you like to express your ideas? (select as many as you want)

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* 7. Contact Information - please let us know how we can reach you

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* 8. What's the best way to reach you? (select as many as you want)

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* 9. Additional personal information

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* 10. OPTIONAL: Is there an adult we can contact if you are selected for a Youth Leadership Team? 

We would like to tell them more about the Teams and about ways they can help you be involved (helping you get to meetings, sharing their own input at separate meetings if they are interested)

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* 11. OPTIONAL: Do you plan to attend the meetings with a supportive adult (case worker or another adult who will be helping you get to meetings?)

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* 12. And now a food question! Which of the following foods do you like for lunch at a meeting? (select as many as you like)

Thank you for applying - we will get back to you within a week of receiving your application to let you know if you have been selected for a Youth Leadership Team!

The meetings are scheduled as follows for 2017-18 (all meetings are 10am-2:30pm):

South team (meets in Madison):
October 16, December 11, February 12, April 16 (all Mondays)

Milwaukee team:
October 9, December 4, February 19, April 9 (all Mondays)

North West team (meets in Eau Claire):
October 13, December 1, February 16, April 13 (all Fridays)

North East team (meets in Wausau):
October 6, December 8, February 2, April 6 (all Fridays)

If you apply at least 1 week before the meeting in your area, you can attend that meeting.  Otherwise, you can attend the next meeting, which will be approximately two months later. 

Thank you for applying!