Program and Application Overview

The Mission of Project Pollinator is to promote an appreciation of all pollinators through education and the creation of pollinator gardens.

In furtherance of this Mission, the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House will award kits of pollinator plants to 5 qualifying community organizations each year.

Each kit will consist of:
  • 64 native pollinator plants.
In addition, the awarded organization will receive:
  • A one-hour pollinator garden consultation with “an expert” horticulture or education staff from the Butterfly House.
  • A referral to a Project Pollinator Sponsoring Nursery where they will receive a 10% discount on additional purchases for the pollinator garden.
  • Recipients may also submit a request for a $100 gift card from the Sponsoring Nursery. (Supplies are limited).

To apply for a grant the organization must complete the application form and meet the following requirements:
  1. Project Pollinator Garden Kits will be awarded to organizations that intend to install a new garden or renovate or expand an existing garden predominantly using native pollinator attracting plants.
  2. Kit applications must be received by December 15th. Recipients will be notified by February 28th and announced publicly at the Project Pollinator anniversary event in mid-March. Plants will be distributed in April.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate strong organizational commitment to the project.
  4. Applicants must have an identified team responsible for the planning, installation and maintenance of the garden.
  5. Organizations receiving plants must have the capacity to receive and manage the garden responsibly and must provide a plan for maintenance and sustainability.
  6. Greater consideration will be given for projects which include plans for an educational component.
  7. Organizations receiving plants will document in photos the installation and continued progress of the garden and make such photos available to the Butterfly House.
  8. Organizations receiving plants will be required to submit an evaluation and progress report one year following receipt.
  9. The organization assumes all financial and legal responsibility for the garden project.