Museum 2 You (M2U) is a resource rich, science-based education program that provides display material to enable mini exhibitions to be delivered in community organisations across NSW. These portable hands on displays modules include practical learning resources and Australian Museum collections to highlight issues surrounding sustainability, climate change and biodiversity. Groups using the program will have access to video conferencing link ups with the Australian Museum that bring communities and 'experts' together to participate in discussions, practical workshops, professional development. The Australian Museum website and other social media tools will be used as a platform for online discussions.

M2U encourages a holistic approach to Environmental Education by using community organisations (councils, libraries, regional museums, environmental education groups) as a platform to facilitate community engagement. M2U seeks to empower individuals and communities to take action so they can make a difference in their local area and the wider environment.

* 1. Using the scale below, how important are the three proposed topic areas to you?

  Not important Very important
Climate Change

* 2. What specific aspects of Biodiversity would you like to see a focus on?

* 3. What specific aspects of Climate Change would you like to see a focus on?

* 4. What specific aspects of Sustainability would you like to see a focus on?

* 5. What are your expectations regarding content for an exhibition of this type?

* 6. Do you see this proposal being of relevence to your community and do you think that it would be useful in terms of educating your community about these three aspects of the environment?

* 7. Are you answering this survey as a member of the public or as staff from a targeted institution?