An investigation into how modular construction can influence the future of the construction industry

Modular construction is a method of construction that has been utilized for many years in the industry. Offsite modular construction involves completing roughly 80 to 90% of the project within a factory in three dimensional sections, then delivered to site and craned into the correct locations.

Please tick in the (o) where relevant.

* 1. Have you ever heard of the Modular Construction before?

* 2. What do you think the main priorities are on a construction project? (Rate 1-5, 1 Being the most important)

* 3. What do you think are the main reasons for using a modular construction method? (Rate 1-7, 1 Being the most beneficial)

* 4. By using a modular construction method rather than traditional methods do you think the final product will be?

* 5. By using modular construction do you think it will reduce the time scale of the project?

* 6. Do you think off-site modular construction offers greater benefits when considering sustainability and the environment, than other methods of construction in the industry?

* 7. By using modular offsite construction do you think this will?

* 8. By constructing the project within a factory do you think this will improve the health and safety?

* 9. How much do you agree with the statement that off-site modular construction offers a great potential for the future of the industry?

* 10. Would you ever consider using modular construction method for your own project?