Questionnaire for Human Practices (End-User Considerations)

Dear friend:  

  We are team members of HUST-China. We are looking for potential end-users of our product this year—Signal Filter (for more information,see ). In order to optimize our design to better fit the needs of iGEM teams, we hope to hear the voice from all the iGEMers who might be suffering from the problems of unstable gene expression. We will be grateful if you can spare some time to complete this questionnaire. Thank you!


* 1. Are your project related to bi-stable or tri-stable state of gene expression?

* 2. Have you ever considered that well-designed biological stable-state can make your system work better?

* 3. Have you ever been bothered with the problems on gene expression controlling? Please choose from the followings.

* 4. Please describe your problems on gene expression controlling and how do you solve these problems?

* 5. If there is a tool that can solve these problems, what functions do you expect it to have?