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* 5. SECTION 2:Management of Corneal Complications after Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)
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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Management of astigmatism after corneal refractive surgery
A. Mounir: Double femtosecond laser created incomplete flaps after repeated docking
T. Kohnen: Ocular wavefront retreatment with enlargement of the optical zone after hyperopic LASIK
M. Soyler: Secondary SMILE after unsuccessful first procedure
V. Cvintal: Novel suture technique for Descemet’s membrane detachment after combined cataract-glaucoma
N. Alejandre Alba: Nocardia infection of self-sealing corneal tunnel incision for cataract surgery
R. Nuijts: Long-term management of epithelial ingrowth after phakic IOL implantation
R. Bellucci: DALK vs CCXL for post-LASIK ectasia in the same patient