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The purpose of this 10 question survey is to determine what kind of documentary film & organizing project might be useful to the movement against mass incarceration. If you are an activist/organizer who works on this issue, please help us out by completing this questionnaire and forwarding it to colleagues/comrades. Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

For years, people have suggested that I follow up Broken On All Sides with another project. My idea for this next venture, for which I'm soliciting feedback here, would focus on the hard questions and strategic decisions organizers around the country are facing in their effort to end mass incarceration and create a better world for all people. The film would explore reforms, as well as long term revolutionary change. We would interview activists I met during the tours of Broken On All Sides from 2012-2016, as well as those referred by others. The movie would offer a hopeful roadmap illuminated by the tales of everyday people beginning to envision our own form of justice despite the daunting shadow of such a politically complex problem. I would like to highlight what is working and what is not, all while capturing images and stories that are intended to continue fostering empathy amongst a wider audience. Most importantly, the documentary will try to identify and scrutinize crucial questions that have the potential to derail our movement.

As an organizer, I want to make a movie that could be used in movement-building work. I hope that the production process as well as free screenings of the finished movie could serve to bring together separate patches of organizers into a more unified movement, better able to work together at the regional and national levels. The movie could serve as a starting point to kick off discussions in different regions across the country.

In order to make the best possible project, I need your help. Please fill out this 10 question survey to help me incorporate your ideas into the project.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please me at brokenonallsides@gmail.com. Thank you.

- Matt Pillischer, BrokenOnAllSides.com

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