We are looking for feedback regarding all aspects of worship at LCR. 

LCR is growing and has tremendous potential to grow. LCR wants to make sure that we are providing our current and potential members a worship experience that glorifies God and brings us closer in our relationship with Jesus. Please take a few minutes to think, pray and answer these questions so that with God's guidance, we can continue to improve. 

* 1. How many times per month do you worship 

* 3. What worship style do you prefer?

* 4. Do you feel the sermons are impactful?

* 5. How do you feel about the length of the Sermon?

* 7. Do you enjoy the music selection?

* 8. What are some strengths regarding worship at LCR?

* 9. What are some areas of opportunity regarding worship at LCR?

* 10. Please finish this sentence: "I attend LCR because...."