1. Are you a member of the Dallas Historical Society?

2. Which Historic City Tour did you attend?

3. How did you hear about the Dallas Historical Society's Historic City Tours (check all that apply)?

4. Was this your first Historic City Tour with the Dallas Historical Society?

5. If no, approximately how many other tours have you attended with the Dallas Historical Society in the past?

6. Which answer best describes you:

7. Did the tour start and end at the times specified?

8. If no, was a reason given for the delay?

9. How would you rate the following:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor Not Applicable
Booking Online
Confirmation Email and Directions
The Tour Guide
The Bus Driver
The DHS Staff or Docent(s)
The Cleanliness of the Bus
The Bus PA System
Museum(s) visited
Lunch Options
Lunch Experience (Taste/Quality/Service)
Overall Tour Experience

10. Was the tour:

11. Would you recommend the tour to a friend?

12. Why or why not?

13. Will you consider booking another Historic City Tour in the future?

14. How can we improve these tours in the future?

15. Any ideas for future tours the Historical Society should explore? Tour Guides?