* 1. How are you affiliated with Johnson C. Smith University?

* 2. Age

* 3. What is your closest race/ethnicity affliation?

* 4. Gender

* 5. Are you registered to vote?

* 6. What is your party affiliation?

* 7. Which one of these issues matters most to you when deciding how to vote for the president?

* 8. What is your opinion of President Obama's job performance?

* 9. What is your opinion of the Republican Presidential candidates?

  Very favorable Favorable Unfavorable Very unfavorable Unable to judge/Don't know
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum

* 10. In a hypothetical general election, who would you vote for between President Obama and Mitt Romney?

* 11. How much have you thought about the upcoming Presidential election?

* 12. What is your position on an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution that would prevent same sex marriage?