Several industrial valve automation equipment suppliers and process control system providers are now developing digital hardware, software tools and services for valve operation digitalization. These digital offerings are designed to allow owner-operators to leverage the valve operational data for optimizing plant productivity, safety, and maintenance processes. There are numerous potential approaches currently available for owner-operators to upgrade their valve assets. ARC Advisory Group is witnessing a gradual rise in the adoption rate of these valve digitalization enabling technology amongst owner-operators in process industries.

ARC would like to help owner-operators assess where they are on their 'Digital Transformation Journey'.  As part of this effort, we have developed the following survey to help us quantify the "adoption level " of each respondent's company, compared to their peers, to optimize the maintenance frequency, safety checks and performance of their plant's industrial valves.  Please consider taking a few minutes to respond to ARC's survey.  For your efforts, ARC will send you a report that combines all the responses and lets you benchmark your progress in this space against your peers.  Please be assured that ARC respects your privacy and that your identity and individual responses will not be shared with anyone outside of our organization. If you have questions about the survey, please contact us at 

ARC has defined the following "Valve Digitalization Adoption Levels":

·       None or N/A - Mechanically operated and manually controlled valves (no actuators; no automation control system; no valve operational data tracked for analysis)

·       Exploring - Manually controlled valves (all or few valves are actuators enabled; no automation control system - manual pushbutton operation; no valve operational data transmission for analysis)

·       Limited - Partially automated valves by analog controls (Automated valves for selected processes like process safety systems only, no valve operational data tracked for analysis)

·       Significant - Fully automated valves by analog control (all valves are actuator enabled and all valve operations are fully automated, no valve operational data tracked for analysis)

·       Proficient - Fully automated and selectively digitally monitored valves (Only key valves in selected applications are connected electronically, by standard or internet protocol, for valve operational data transmission and analysis. The other valve operated by analog controls)

·       Best Possible - Fully automated and mostly digitally monitored valves (Majority of the valve operations are connected electronically, by standard or internet protocol, for valve operational data transmission and analysis)

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* 1. Please assess Valve Digitalization adoption levels in your plant for the following industrial valve type (Levels description in introduction)

  None Exploring Limited Significant Proficient Best Possible
Process isolation valves 
Process control valves
Process safety valves (Emergency Shutdown, Pressure Relief)

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* 2. What industry is your plant or most of your plants in?

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* 3. What region is your plant or most of your plants in?

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* 4. Rate the below valve related downtime leading to production loss in your plant?

  Low Medium High Very High
Unplanned downtime due to process valve failure
Planned periodic maintenance of process safety valve
Identify and reset pressure relief valve 
Setpoint correction of process control valve

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* 5. Please rank the top concerns you have with investing in valve digitalization for your organization, based on criticality. (IT - Information technology, OT - operational technology)

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* 6. Please rank these key goals based on your organization's priorities for digital transformation

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* 7. What is your organization's mostly preferred valve digitalization enablers in future greenfield projects ? (All devices in the column have operation data storage and transmission capabilities)

  Intelligent Electric Actuators Smart Digital Positioners Internet based sensor and edge devices
Process Isolation Valves
Process Control Valves
Process Safety Valves

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* 8. What is your organization's preferred network for valve operational data transmission in future green field projects ?

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* 9. Please provide your company name and your role

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* 10. Please provide your name and business email to receive the survey assessment results