Help recognize those who have created the best arts, culture and philanthropic events of 2019! 

We in the Queen City are envied across the nation for our arts & culture and our philanthropic spirit. We want to honor those who excel in enhancing our way of life here in the Tri-state.

You, our readers, will determine the winners in multiple categories. Here’s how it works:
  • Enter your name, email address and zip code in the Voter Registration area.
  • Choose a nominee in each category that you think should win.
  • You do not need to vote in every category.
  • We’ve suggested events in each category, but feel free to write-in a candidate for any. When a write-in candidate receives a significant number of votes in the appropriate category, they will be added as a choice. Read each category title carefully before you begin writing in events. Write-ins will only count if they are added under the appropriate category. Do NOT write in the same event under multiple categories. Write-ins under inappropriate categories will be deleted.
  • Regardless, all write-in votes count toward determining the category winners.
  • You may vote once per day (midnight to midnight). Those who vote more than once per day will have all their votes disqualified. Please respect the voting rules.
  • Voting ends at midnight, March 12, 2020.  Winners will be honored in our April 2020 print edition in a special spread.
  • Invite your colleagues, friends, fans and followers to vote!

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* 1. Voter Registration*

* Voter registration: You must register to vote each time with your name, email, and zip code. You are allowed to vote once every 24-hour period, midnight to midnight. Those who vote more than once a day will have all votes nullified. By registering to vote, we will add you to our weekly newsletter so you can stay “involved, informed and inspired.” NOTE: Being a free weekly subscriber is valuable to any organization with which you are affiliated. You may unsubscribe at any time and your information will not be shared with any other organization or third party. NOTE: If you are already a subscriber, your email address will not be duplicated. Also, voting and registering multiple times will NOT add your email address more than once.
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