Annehurst YKP Before and After School

Recently parents and the school administration expressed interest in reopening the YWCA Kids Place(YKP) before and after school program at Annehurst.  In order to determine if reopening the program is possible we need to know how many families would utilize this program.  By completing this survey you will help us determine if the YWCA can support reopening the Annehurst site. 

Our goal is to open the program on or before October 1st provided that we have at least 30 children enrolled in both the before school and after school sessions and we have completed the licensing process.  If there isn’t sufficient interest to warrant reopening this program we will continue transporting children from Annehurst to our Whittier location.   


Stephani Reid
Director of Children's Programs

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* 1. If the YWCA Columbus offered a Kids Place before and after school program at Annehurst elementary would you be interested in enrolling your child(ren) in the program?

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* 2. How many children would you enroll if this program was available?

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* 3. Would your child(ren) be able to start on October 1st?

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* 4. If you answered No, when would your child be able to start if after October 1st.