1. Future Tango (no deposit) Waiting List, and Feature Interest Survey

Thank your for your interest in the forthcoming T200 and eventually the T100 models. Please input your name and contact info below to be added to our waiting list for any forthcoming model. There is no obligation to purchase, and no deposit is required. We will simply notify you as soon as our next model is in production. Your name will be kept on the wait list in the order that it was submitted with this form. As an aid to future design we would appreciate your taking the time to answer the following questions.

* 1. Please rank on a scale of 1 to 5 what importance each Tango feature/ benefit has for you.

  1 Zero Importance 2 Little Importance 3 Somewhat Important 4 Important 5 Very Important
Parking in spaces too small for regular cars
Parking in motorcycle spaces and odd spaces in parking lots; including parking structures where the Tango may receive lower cost, or at least won't have to drive all the way to the top.
Parking perpendicular to the curb between cars or 4-foot spaces between driveways which also allows sharing a metered space with a small car, or up to 3 other Tangos or Motorcycles
Ability to change lanes in traffic where no other car could fit
Lanesplitting (filtering): driving between stopped or slow-moving cars (legal for motorcycles that are wider than a Tango in California, Europe, and Asia)
Carpool lane access with a single occupant
Independence from possible gasoline shortages, lines, and rationing
Time saved commuting
No need to go to gas stations; simply plug in like a cell phone every night
Easy to enter car from either side-allowing parking against a wall
No gears to shift-same gear from 0 to 130 mph
Extremely simple controls
0 - 60 mph acceleration in under 6 seconds
Sports car cornering capability
Feels like a convertible with a sun shade because of two large windows on either side of driver-like a motorcycle without helmet and other gear
Motorcycle agility without helmet and gear
Great high speed stability on freeways due to extremely high density and low center of gravity.
Draws positive attention and smiles
Oil independence
Zero emissions
Small carbon footprint
Small physical footprint requiring less asphalt for parking
Reduction of congestion with 2 cars to a lane
FIA-certified race car roll cage; crashworthiness
4-point jet pilot's harness; crashworthiness
Ability to go around, move out of the way, or accelerate out of the way of trouble; accident avoidance
Equal driver's side visibility on both sides, avoiding blind spots
Freedom from gridlock in a medical emergency
Electricity to charge and long-term battery replacement cost lower than current cost of gasoline alone.
Long term independence from gasoline price hikes
No required oil changes or tune-ups
Can carry a second person in tandem, behind driver.
Easy to remove rear seat, opening up 10 cu ft of storage.
Trailer hitch for towing a generator trailer for long trips and/or extra belongings
Can drive in any weather-cold, hot, rainy, snowy
Electric heat nearly instantaneous
Manually variable speed A/C compressor allows perfect adjustment of air temperature blowing on you, independent of engine speed
Small cabin easy to heat and cool quickly
Spacious cabin can fit persons as large as 6-foot 10-inches & 325 lbs.

* 2. What is the longest trip that you would likely want to use the Tango for?

* 3. What is your average round-trip commute; or distance between charge opportunities?

* 4. How many miles of range would you purchase by selecting an appropriate battery pack size, if the battery pack life were guaranteed for 10 years or the following mileage? Please keep in mind that battery prices are likely to fall rapidly over the next few years, so you might consider a smaller pack to start with, and upgrade when prices are cheaper.

* 5. The manufacturing of a full-production car is a billion dollar enterprise, and it will be impossible to fund a mid-range Tango to sell at rock-bottom prices. Please indicate the most you would be willing to pay for a T200 with the following features.
266 hp, 0-60 in under 6 seconds, 5-star safety features, all wheel drive, 4-wheel independent suspension, ABS braking, trailer hitch, fiberglass body, A/C and heater, cruise control, sound system with iPod port.

* 6. What is the maximum that you'd pay to rent a Tango from an Airport by the day on a one-time experimental basis. Assume no charge for electricity (bring back empty) and a 120-mile range.

* 7. What is the most that you'd pay on a regular basis to rent a Tango from an airport, assuming 120 mile range and no charge for electricity (bring back empty)

* 8. What is the most that you'd pay to rent a Tango by the month with no commitment, (month to month). Batteries included but in addition to monthly rent, a battery charge of $.10 per mile would be added.

* 9. What is the most that you'd pay per month on a lease if there were a 3-year commitment? This too would be in addition to a $.10 per mile lease on the batteries.

* 10. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey.
If you'd like to be notified as soon as a new model is available, please fill out the following information, and you will be added to our waiting list for the next model available. There is no obligation, and no deposit is required. Prospective customers will be contacted in the order that they completed this form.