Introduction and Presenter Acceptance

2023 SC/ Southeast Annual Conference
March 29-31, 2023
Francis Marion Hotel - Charleston, SC
Call to Action: Supporting the Well Being of Our Learning Community
Our Conference will be about taking a deep dive to better understand the end users – students, educators, and communities – for whom we plan, design, build, furnish, equip, and operate educational facilities. Who are the key end-users? What are their needs? And how can we serve them better?
It might seem obvious and it’s been discussed before, so what’s different? The deep dive. Going beyond the obvious. Discussing end-users at the margins for whom education (or life) may be atypical. Understanding their viewpoint. Walking a mile in their shoes. Seeking to do what we do from more informed and relevant perspectives. With your help, we’ll cover new ground, explore innovative solutions, and produce a greater understanding of the unknown so that we can apply lessons learned to a broader context.
Ultimately, our goal is to achieve learning for all under the best, most opportune circumstances. That necessarily involves understanding the end-user, but also context and place, emerging trends, and what works and doesn’t.
In the end, we hope to challenge attendees to act on what they learn at the conference. If you are interested in challenging your peers, sharing your ideas, and elevating the conversation, we encourage you to submit a proposal to present in Charleston at the 2023 South Carolina Chapter/Southeast Region Conference. 

Please note the sessions are to be educational in nature. Sales, product, or marketing presentations will not be accepted.

(Proposals must be submitted by December 15, 2022.)
Presenter Acceptance

Each speaker, including all co-speakers agree to the terms below when submitting a presentation.

I will participate in this program and understand my submission indicates my commitment to participate, my permission for A4LE and its agents to use my name and to reproduce and distribute all or selected portions of my presentation in printed, audio video or electronic format. I hereby waive all right of payment for this license.

I further agree to register and pay for the conference and to notify any co-presenters of this same obligation.

I understand that A4LE will provide a projector, screen, microphone, and speakers and one flip chart (upon request only) for the room. I further understand that I am required to supply a laptop or device with applicable adapters to run my presentation.

Additional equipment needs must be submitted and will be at my expense. The Association for Learning Environments will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however, we do not guarantee it. I also understand there is a charge for a room change, additional equipment and that if I change the room from the original set up the charge will be at my personal expense.

PRESENTATIONS: Presentations for posting to the website for attendees are due 2 weeks prior to the event in a PDF format totaling no more than 10 MG. Anything received after the deadline will be posted as quickly as possible post event.