1. How has your district or college responded to funding losses?

Please help OEA staff and fellow members communicate the true impact of budget cuts on public education, students, and the work you do as Oregon's educators by taking a few minutes to complete this online survey.

* 1. Your name

* 2. School district/community college

* 3. Occupation

* 4. Home email address

* 5. Have budget cuts been proposed and/or taken effect in your district/college in the current academic year?

* 6. Has your district requested to cut days this year due to financial difficulties and/or loss of state funding?

* 7. Has your district/college taken action to layoff staff members?

* 8. How have you as an educator personally been affected by budget cuts?

* 9. What effects on your work environment/classroom do you expect from any budget cuts?

* 10. What effects on your community do you expect from any education budget cuts?

* 11. Share your story on how cuts in school funding have hit you, students, your school/college, or community members: