Community Input


The Township of Billings is preparing another strategic plan – for 2018 to 2021. The plan identifies strategic priorities and proposes action steps for council, staff and the community. Public input is an important part of any strategic planning process. This survey is another opportunity for citizens, ratepayers, and all those interested in Billings to suggest ways in which we can continue to improve our municipal community. I encourage you to take a few moments and complete this survey. Add a separate sheet if necessary. Surveys are accepted until the end of September, 2017.

The existing plan (2012 – 2017). It is available on the township website ( under the Administration menu, under ‘Documents.’ The preliminary priorities for 2018-2021, as identified by council, are also in the documents section of the website.

* 1. What is your relationship to the Township of Billings? I am (choose all that apply):

* 2. What is going well in Billings Township? What improvements have been made? What are you most proud of?

* 3. What opportunities are there to do things differently/better in the community? What would support community and/or economic development? List some examples if you can.

* 4. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions? If so, please write them below.