The Yellowknife Association for Community Living is always reviewing our services to ensure that we are best meeting the needs of individuals with intellectual and other disabilities and their families. We would like some feedback from you about the services we offer, how they meet needs and where there may be gaps.

The survey will take less than seven minutes to complete.

If you would rather complete the survey in person, please contact us at or 920-2644 and we will have our independent survey compiler contact you.

* What is your connection to the following YKACL Services you are familiar with?
Please mark all that apply:

Employment Supports/Employability

* Literacy class for adults

* Youth Employment Services (YES Group)

* Supported Living

* Respite

* Business Services (recycling/poster delivery etc.)

* Social Groups for teens and young adults (including summer program)

* Peer Support Group for Adults with Disabilities (Tuesday evenings)

* Outreach Services for adults with disabilities

* Skills Training employment and skills service

* Information for parents and family members

* How likely is it that you would recommend the YKACL service/services you used to a friend or colleague?


* What things about these services were you happy with?

* What improvements could be made to make the service more useful for you or those you refer?

* Are there any services currently not offered that would be helpful for you/your family member/those you refer?  If yes, please tell us what new services you would like to see?

* What services will be most important for you/your family member/those you refer in the next five years?

* Demographic information (optional)
I am (mark all that apply):

* If you have a family member with a disability, what age group are they currently in?

* If we would like more information about your comments and suggestions and you are willing to be contracted, please provide an email or phone number where we can reach you.