* 1. What are effective ways that we can communicate with you about  school information and activities? (check all that apply)

* 2. We are proudly a Catholic School. In what ways do you feel we are showing our community that we are a school of faith?  (check all that apply)

* 3. How do you feel your child is benefiting from FLEX time? (check all that apply)

* 4. Are there any school clubs or activities that you would like to see offered at Monsignor McCoy High School?

* 5. Monsignor McCoy High School is always interested in accessing community members to support student learning and enhance programming.  Are there ways in which you feel you would like to contribute to enhance our school? eg. athletics, fine arts, clubs, classroom support, other... 
(If you feel comfortable, please put your contact information for this question so we have the opportunity to follow-up with your suggestion)