Student Arrival Information

If we do not receive this form, we cannot guarantee airport pick-up. Please note that this is NOT an airport pick-up or housing confirmation. We will send you a separate airport pick-up confirmation document with phone numbers you can call in case of an emergency.

An email has been or will be sent to you with details about your orientation and placement test dates. Plan to arrive on the dates listed in your Acceptance letter or orientation information to check into the dorm.

Airport pick-up payment must be made in cash at the time of service. Travelers' cheques and credit cards are NOT accepted. Prices include all taxes, tolls and gratuity.
US Dollars only.

If you request this service and change your mind and decide to come to the college on your own without cancelling prior to your departure from home, you WILL be charged for the pick-up service.

Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey (EWR):
1 Passenger: $80
2 Passengers: $100
3 Passengers: $150

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) or Laguardia International Airport (LGA)
1 Passenger: $160
2 Passengers: $210
3 Passengers: $310

* 1. Please select your status (If you select Exchange Student, please answer Question #2. If not, please go ahead to Question #3):

* 2. If you are an Exchange Student, which university are you from?

* 3. Please Fill Out the Following Information. (When filling in your name please put Given Name first followed by your Family Name. Also, only enter a phone number if it is a U.S. cell phone number.)

* 4. What is your gender?

* 5. If traveling with another Felician University student, please enter their Name and E-Mail address below.

* 6. Do you require Airport Pick Up Service?

* 7. Please enter your arrival information below.

* 8. What is your arrival airport?

* 9. I will check in to my room with Residence Life (please provide the Month/Day/Year and please provide the approximate time of your arrival on campus):