Welcome to the 2017 BADAC Community Survey

Hello everyone,

At BADAC we work really hard to deliver services that support and assist you and your families. These range from health (GP services), maternal and child/youth,  to community services such as kinship care and foster care support. We aim to provide you with support for all the stages of your lives. 

We strive to make all of our community proud of our culture and heritage. We hold several events throughout the year with NAIDOC celebration day being our biggest event that showcases the best elements of our community. 

As part of a new initiative to assess the success of our efforts, we have introduced the yearly Community Survey. This survey is an important way for you to have your say on how we are going?  We encourage you to complete the survey as honestly as
possible, as all respondents will remain anonymous. 

The survey looks at 5 areas

1. Finding out about you

2. Satisfaction with the services and programs

3. The board of directors performance

4. Communications

5. Future planning   

I encourage each of you to have your say on the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative and thank you for participating.  
Thanks again
Faye Clarke
Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative Chairperson


14% of survey complete.