Thank you for your interest in applying to the Spring 2019 Compass On Board Program. Compass is excited to offer the On Board program to place business professionals on local nonprofit boards. This program builds on Compass’ experience providing pro bono strategic consulting to local nonprofits in the Greater Washington area. It also furthers our mission of inspiring the active engagement of business professionals with their local nonprofits to transform communities.

This application provides an opportunity for Compass to understand your current board. Information in this application will be used to help Compass identify appropriate candidates who will be matched to your organization. Once matched, you will have the opportunity to interview and assess the candidate's fit with your organization.

DEADLINE: Please complete your application at your earliest convenience, but no later than February 8.  The application will require approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. While many of the questions can be completed by the appropriate person on your staff, the Board Profile section should be completed by the Executive Director and/ or the Board Chair.

ELIGIBILITY: 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the Greater Washington area may apply if they have a Board of Directors, D&O insurance, a minimum annual budget of $750,000, and a mission that benefits the Greater Washington community. Compass does not accept clients that promote a specific religion, or religious or political beliefs.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Compass looks for indications that placing a candidate on the nonprofit Board of Directors will have lasting, meaningful impact. Those indications include nonprofit financial stability, regular Board meetings, an engaged Board Chair, and a track record of community impact.

TIMING OF NONPROFIT SELECTION: To ensure the best board placements, prospective nonprofits will first be interviewed by Compass and will then meet the prospective Board candidates matched by Compass. All nonprofit Executive Directors and Board Chairs will be initially interviewed in-person (together) by a Compass representative during February/March to further understand your organization and the nature of your Board of Directors. If recommended to have a candidate placed on your Board, Compass will ask you to interview Board candidate(s) selected for your organization between April 9 and May 24.  After interviewing prospective candidates, nonprofits will provide Compass their candidate decisions by June 3.

SORKIN CENTER BOARD TRAINING PROGRAM: Nonprofits that have an On Board candidate join their board, are eligible to invite their full boards to a comprehensive non-profit board training program in the spring of 2020.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information in this application will be kept confidential within Compass and the On Board Committee.

DISCLAIMER: Compass cannot guarantee that any candidate or nonprofit will receive a board placement as part of this process. Nonprofits and candidates need to perform their own, respective due diligence on the suitability of moving ahead together and take full responsibilities of their actions thereof. Compass is not performing investigations or audits of nonprofits or individual candidates as part of this process. Compass is not an agent of the nonprofits or candidates, but is supporting pro bono delivery of professional services to and improvement in the organizational capacity of local nonprofits consistent with its mission.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions after viewing the application, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again for your interest in On Board.

Nalini Rogers
On Board Director
(202) 450-4312

Suzanne Laporte
(202) 629-2476