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Re-Starting The Conversation

Welcome Young Judaea Alumni and Parents! It is a momentous time for our movement as it just officially became an independent organization on July 2, 2012. There is much that will stay the same such as the core values and principles that sustain and inspire the Young Judaea movement and its activities.

There will also be much that will change. One of our new agenda items is to build a global program for gathering your ideas, for communications and support of all kinds. We invite you to join the conversation about Young Judaea and the future. We'll need up-to-date information for you, your Judaean friends and family members (biographic, Young Judaea related, and life/professional experience).

Although you may have provided this information in the past, as we create a new confidential management platform, we kindly ask you to fill in information about you, your children and/or members of your family who are/were Judaeans. It will only take a few minutes--it may take the Young Judaea staff a few months to put the new system in place, so thank you in advance and we look forward to being back in touch.

Please continue with the survey and feel free to pass on this link to your friends and family members. We would be grateful and delighted.


Simon Klarfeld
Executive Director, Young Judaea