* 1. Do you wonder how arts coverage decisions get made by media organizations?

* 2. Do the processes that editors use to decide what arts stories to cover seem opaque and arbitrary or clear and well-reasoned to you?

* 3. Do you think news organizations should be more transparent about their coverage decisions?

* 4. Do you generally believe that news organizations decide what to cover based on the editor's personal opinion of an event or arts organization? Or do you believe that the coverage is generally based on other factors? e.g. the editor thinks it would make an interesting story regardless of whether he or she personally likes or dislikes the artists / work involved

* 5. Are you more likely or less likely to trust a news organization where the arts editor occasionally shares his or her thoughtfully-articulated views on some aspect of the local arts scene, whether positive or negative?

* 6. Do you think that if an arts editor occasionally expresses his or her opinion about an arts event or organization, that editor undermines his or her reputation for overseeing fair and unbiased coverage of the arts?

* 7. Do you think a news organization that fosters greater transparency about arts coverage would be of benefit to the arts community as a whole?

* 8. How might greater transparency in arts coverage from a news organization benefit / fail to benefit the arts community?