* 1. I am an NHD....

* 2. I watched this Google+ Hangout

* 3. If you watched this event live, did you tweet a question?

* 4. How well did this program meet your expectations?

* 5. Would you recommend this program to a fellow NHD teacher / student / parent?

* 6. Will you participate in another program like this from NHD?

* 7. I found Google+ Hangouts.....

* 8. What was the most useful part of the hangout?

* 9. What did you learn during the hangout?

* 10. Would you participate in another hangout?

* 11. What questions would you most like answered in future hangouts?

* 12. If you had technical difficulties accessing this event (either live or after the fact) please tell us what happened so that we can help others in the future.

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