#OneTeam: Working together to keep Tasmanians out of hospital
No-one – whether they be a health professional or patient – looks forward to a health crisis. Especially one that involves a hospital visit.
​Every day in Tasmania, there is 37 potentially preventable hospital admissions – visits that may have been avoided through timely treatment in the community.  Each one of those admissions increases pressure on stretched hospital resources, including staff. And, of course, it’s not much fun for the patients themselves. This year the 2017 Tasmanian Health Conference focused entirely on team-based approaches to keep Tasmanians out of hospital. Exploring opportunities to look after people in the community wherever possible – whether they have a chronic condition, disability, mental illness, are elderly or a combination of the above. The importance of streamlined, person-centred care was also discussed.

* 1. Did you enjoy the Keynote Speakers - were they relevant to the topic? Please provide suggestions for topics/speakers you would like to see at next year's conference.

* 2. Was the standard of service and facilities at the Medical Services Precinct satisfactory?

* 3. Reflecting on the reasons you attended the Tasmanian Health Conference 2017, how relevant to your practice, the state's health industry or area of interest was the conference content?

* 4. Was there a part of the program that you identified as being valuable learning for you?  How well did the session fulfil your personal learning needs?

* 5. Who do you think would benefit from attending the Conference?

* 6. Each year the committee looks to add new aspects to the conference.  This year we added an app, did you know about the app and did you download it and use it?

* 7. For the first time abstracts were called for to select speakers - if you participated in this abstract process would you like to see the committee use this selection format again?

* 8. It is widely believed art as therapy can be extremely therapeutic. In line with this, the committee had several displays at the conference - were you aware of these? Did you view them?

* 9. For the second year, the committee once again coordinated the Face to Face GP and Health Minister Communication closed door session. Were you aware of this? Did you attend? If so do you see value?

* 10. Another first for the 2017 conference was the rapid fire student presentations. On the day of the event the committee received excellent feedback - did you enjoy this session?

* 11. Do you have any further comments / suggestions for further conferences?