Revisions to: Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators, Preparation of Educational Professionals

2018 VSBPE Rule Revisions

The VSBPE is undertaking revisions to the rules that govern the training, licensing and professional standards of teachers and administrators, Series 5100: Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals. The proposed rule revisions support the VSBPE’s mission. Specifically, the VSBPE is:  
1.      Adapting to current practices in the field by revising educator competencies and the authorizing statements of several endorsements: 5440-00 Elementary Education Holder Statement, 5440-36 Early Childhood Education – Additional Requirements, 5440-86 Director of Special Education, 5440-91 Principal, 5440-90 Superintendent, 5440-93 Director of Curriculum, 5440-02 Art, 5440-03 Business Education, 5440-09 Family and Consumer Sciences,5440-12 Music, 5440-14 Computer Science, 5440-15 Social Studies, 5440-25 Online Teaching Specialist, 5440-37 Theater Arts and 5440-42 Educational Technology Specialist
2.      Revising current Core Leadership Standards to align with National Leadership Standards and Competencies.
3.      Aligning Education Quality Standards and Vermont Education Initiatives with expectations for Vermont Educator Preparation Programs.
4.      Revising current rules regarding Emergency Licenses and the Instructional Level of the Elementary Education endorsement to support schools in recruitment and retention in the field.
5. Revising current rules related to temporary licenses (Provisional and Emergency)

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The VSBPE will hold 1 public comment session:
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 3:30 PM
Agency of Education Barre City Place, Barre, VT
Conference Room 304

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