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* 1. Are you?


* 2. Do you have kids?

* 3. How many of each?

* 4. How do you feel about the Princess Craze for today's young girls (5-12) - For example, shirts, toys, ads, art encouraging girls to think of themselves as "Future Princesses" or "Future Diva"

* 5. What other types of products (besides princess-themed products) do you think would interest girls?

  Would definitely Buy Maybe - it would depend on the packaging, design and content Not at all, my girls are happy with Barbies and Bratz I might be interested, but the girls I know wouldn't be Sounds totally lame
Illustrated art featuring inspiring girl friendly quotes
Hands-on craft kits geared towards girls
Hands on science kits with themes like "science of perfume"
Shirts and other apparel with encouraging themes, like Future Mogul, instead of Future Princess
Math games and puzzles geared towards girls
Science games and toys geared towards girls
Information products on preparing for college & careers
Money and Saving advice geared towards girls

* 6. Please rate whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: Do you think girls need specific encouragement and products/resources to develop an interest in science and math?

* 7. What age range would be most interested in the potential products (you may select multiple age ranges)?

  0-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 16-18
Illustrated Quote Art
Craft Kits
Science Kits
Shirts and Accessories
Math Games
Science Games
Career & College Information
Money Information

* 8. Please add any other information or comments

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