1. General Information

Thanks for your interest in the Network Configuration ManagerĀ (NCM) beta program. Participation in this program requires completion of this brief survey.

Please note that the beta version of the NCM cannot be run in production.
It needs to be deployed on a different system from your NCM production system.
Also, it is not possible to upgrade from the beta version to any other beta or release candidate or generally available version of NCM.
Any feature added or problem fixed in this beta version, may not be present in the final Generally Available version of the product.

At the end of the survey, you can sign up for the beta.

Thanks in advance for you time!

- NCM Product Team

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* 2. A Thwack community user ID is required for access to the Beta forum.
If you do not have one, go to www.thwack.com to join

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* 3. To participate in this Beta, you must have a current maintenance agreement for this product. Please provide your SolarWinds ID (SWID) in the text field below in the format "SW######".

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