* Use the rating scale to rate the following:

  5 - Strongly Agree 4 - Agree 3 - No Answer 2 - Disagree 1 - Strongly Disagree
School rules are enforced consistently and fairly.
Teachers at this school expect that all students will graduate from high school.
The homework my child receives helps him/her learn.
I understand the progress reporting system being used for my child.
The principal and teachers see learning as the most important reason for attending school.
I think the progress reporting system is fair and just.
Teachers understand and value my child(ren)'s heritage.
I make sure my child's homework is completed.
The principal listens to concerns and responds appropriately.
My child is treated with respect by the teachers in the building.
My child is encouraged by teachers to put forth his/her best effort.
I would feel comfortable talking to the administration/principal if I had a concern or question.
This school's written mission statement focuses on student learning and student achievement.
The administration/principal expects all students to do well in school.
I feel my child is learning the skills and knowledge he/she needs to prepare him/her for the future.
All students in this school are expected to follow the rules.
My child is given challenging work with the expectation that he/she has the ability to complete it.
My child is treated with respect by the administration in the building.
The school's mission and goals are frequently communicated to parents.
If my child breaks a school rule, I support the school's policies and procedures.
I am pleased with the leadership of the school.
The school building is generally bright, clean, and kept in good repair.