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The P16 Council is a community-based and independent entity with the duty and responsibility to build strong, healthy communities through meaningful participation of parents, students, and other parts of the community.  The Council aims to assist in creating a quality public education delivered to students in healthy schools which are accessible to all children, regardless of race, class, status, gender, or disability.

The P-16 Council is interested in hearing about what feedback or questions/concerns you would like to have addressed by the Cleveland School District Superintendent. We will host multiple virtual community forums where Dr. Belcher will address the questions tabulated by this survey.

This is an anonymous survey and will be used as an avenue to receive communication from the leader about decisions being made and future plans for the Cleveland School District.

Thank you for participating in this very important effort to have our "voice" heard.

Sincerely, The P-16 Council

Question Title

* 1. What questions/concerns would you like Superintendent, Dr. Belcher to discuss?

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