Hello! First, we would like to thank you for unfolding this questionnaire. This questionnaire was launched by the Human Practice project group of 2016 iGEM team of Anhui University of Technology. We would appreciate it very much if you could help us in completing this questionnaire.

    Our project intends to solve the problem of path planning by taking advantages of the basic theory of synthetic biology on the basis of DNA calculation under certain circumstances.

    We hope to learn about how much you know about DNA calculation and path planning and we would much rather see you could learn more about them after the questionnaire. 
       您好,首先感谢您打开此问卷, 本次调查由2016年国际遗传工程机器设计大赛(iGEM)安工大队Human Practice项目组发起,恳请您能抽出几分钟的时间协助我们完全本次调查,万分感谢。

* 1. Your Age

* 2. Your Education Background

* 3. How often do you use navigational apps in your daily life?

* 4. What problems do you think exist in those navigation software? And do you expect better products coming out?

* 5. Do you think biological computing system can be applied to navigation?

* 6. As crucial information, in what form can path length be restored on DNA?

* 7. What problems do you think still exist in those navigational systems on the market?

* 8. What are the reasons do you think the biological computing system is not yet widely used in our lives?

* 9. Thank you for your participation. It would be appreciated if you could let us know your name as well as your team information. We will analyse the data collected and show our gratitute on our Wiki page for your support. (Please note that the questionnaire is designed for the only purpose of doing the research).