The Auchmuty Information Common (AIC) will celebrate 10 years of operations this November. Can we ask for a few minutes of your time to complete a AIC user survey to help with future planning.Your answers will be completely anonymous, and we thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

1. Tell us who you are?

2. If you are a university student or academic staff member, what is your Faculty?

3. How often do you visit the Information Common?

4. How much time do you spend in the Information Common on a typical visit?


6. If you answered yes to either the above, why do you visit during these hours?

7. What Services or facilities do you use in the Common? List as many as you like.

8. What other activities (whether social, learning or leisure) do you use the Common for?

9. How do you think learning and studying using the Information Common has affected your assessments and quality of assignments?

10. What are the most beneficial aspects of the Common for you, in terms of a learning experience?

11. How do you think the Information Common could enhance its ability to provide greater support to student learning ?

Thank You. We look forward to your feedback and appreciate your time.