One of the ways The SOFEI Group achieves its mission is through volunteers. We appreciate your interest to join us in our efforts to empower women throughout the Washington region to emerge from economic instability. Please complete this survey to determine how your volunteer experience will be mutually beneficial to you and our clients.

* 1. Please complete the following. This information will only be used to contact you regarding your volunteer inquiry.

* 2. How did you learn about our volunteer opportunities?

* 3. Please select the volunteer opportunity you believe will meet your volunteer needs?

* 4. I want to volunteer with The SOFEI Group, Inc. because:

* 5. What do you want to achieve with your volunteer experience?

* 6. Have you ever volunteered with an organization that serves women and girls?

* 7. Are you currently volunteering for another nonprofit organization? If yes, what's your volunteer assignment?

* 8. Please explain your most rewarding volunteer experience and what impact did this experience make in your life?

* 9. What was your least rewarding volunteer experience and why?

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