* 1. Please state if you are Male or Female and your age:

* 2. Please state your City or Town?

* 3. Which type of T.V programme do you tend to watch the most of? (pick one)

* 4. Do you watch a T.V Programme because you:

* 5. What attributes do you look for in a T.V personality/presenter?

* 6. Who would you choose to watch on a T.V programme out of these female T.V personalities?

* 7. Do you look to associate yourself with a T.V personality/presenter when watching a programme?

* 8. Would you be likely to watch a T.V programme of interest to you if the presenter/personality was aged 35+?

* 9. Who is your personal favourite female T.V personality?

* 10. Would you watch this person on a T.V programme regardless of the type of programme?

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