1. General Information for Non-Profit Organiizatons

Migration Heritage Foundation (MHF) provides non-compensatory stipends to U.S.-based non-profit organizations serving needy minors Age 5 and above.   We award stipends on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify, and amounts do not exceed $250.00.  These awards intend to develop writing skills among youth, while enhancing awareness of their heritage. 

Application Requirements

 The following items are needed to apply:

1.    A COMPLETED APPLICATION-- available below.

2.    VERIFICATION OF INTENT--Applicant must submit documentation (annual report information, mission statement, etc.) to show that its program serves or has served needy minors.

3.    A statement from an organization official that promises to submit the END-OF-PROGRAM DOCUMENTATION items listed below,  if awarded the stipend.
The above three items may be e-mailed to info@mhtr.us or sent via USPS to:  MHF, P.O. Box 247,  Durant, MS 39063.

Organizations awarded the stipend are required to submit the following end-of-program documentation within 30 days after the program or activity ends:

1.    Documentation Fund Use:  This may include photos, statements from parents, etc. to verify that funds were used to help needy minors.

2.    Two (2) Heritage Essays Prepared by Needy Minors:   The organization must select at least two (2) minors who benefited from the funds and oversee their preparation of a 500-word-or-less essay titled, My (minor’s nationality--i.e. African American, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, etc.) Roots, My Dreams.  The essay should show that the minor made an effort to provide ancestral information such as names of parents, grandparents, etc., and where they were born.  In lieu of the essay, minors who may not have learned to write complete sentences may complete a Heritage Worksheet, which may be requested by e-mailed from info@mhtr.us.

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