1. Lords reform

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* 1. Please say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Agree Disagree Don't know
Church of England Bishops should remain part of the House of Lords.
If the Lords becomes elected it will be more legitimate and the stature of the House of Commons will decline.
Rather than being changed completely the Lords should be improved. For example, the number of peers should be reduced and peers who go to jail should be ejected from the House.
If the Lords is elected by proportional representation the Liberal Democrats will enjoy an almost permanent balance of power in British politics.
Party leaders are ruining the Lords by filling it with their cronies.
An elected Lords would inevitably have more power.
If the Lords has to be elected it should be via proportional representation or AV.
The House of Lords should be scrapped completely.
An elected House of Lords may be a good idea but the public would rather the Coalition focused on bread and butter issues, like tax, crime and the NHS.
The Tory and Lib Dem manifestoes promised to introduce elections to the Lords and it is important to deliver on those promises.
The Lords often does a better job at scrutinising legislation than MPs and it should be left as it is.
An unelected House of Lords is indefensible in the 21st century.

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* 2. Please say what proportion of the Lords should be elected:

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* 3. Please say whether you support or oppose the following reforms to the existing House of Lords:

  Support Oppose Don't know
Establish an independent appointments commission for new peerages so that politicians cannot stuff the Lords with "cronies"
Abolish the Bench of Bishops
Abolish the small remaining number of hereditary peers
Reduce the number of ageing and inactive members of the Lords by introducing a retirement scheme
Automatically expel any peer sentenced to one year or more in prison, as already applies in the Commons