What do we want out of the Superfund process?

Citizen goals might include:  Water quality expectations, mitigation priorities, site priorities (of the 48 Superfund sites in the upper Animas), points of water quality compliance, biologic goals, recreation concerns, communication needs etc....   

* 1. Would you support the concept of creating a set of 'citizen goals' for the Bonita Peak Mining District Superfund process - to outline our expectations as a community/watershed?

* 2. Would you participate in a set of workgroup meetings to craft 'citizen goals'?

* 3. Workgroup meetings could include a public education component on important related topics.  Do you support this concept of education as a function of the workgroup meetings?  

* 4. What topics would you like more information on?

* 5. When would it be most convenient for you to attend workgroup meetings?

* 6. What volume of meetings seem reasonable (over a 6-8 month period - fall 2017 to spring 2018)