* 1. What form of communication do you currently use to find out what is happening at Winters Flat?

* 2. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being ineffective, 10 being fantastic) how effective would you rate Winters Flat current forms of communication?

* 3. If you have a problem you need to discuss regarding your child, who do you approach and how?

* 4. Do you feel invited and welcomed by the school to contribute your thoughts, ideas, time and talents to share for the greater good of the school? (ie: through fundraising, joining sub committees, doing odd jobs at the school, participating in working bees, or other forms of contributing)

* 5. What have been the greatest barriers to communication between school and home in the past?

* 6. What suggestions or ideas on how we could improve communication between our school and your family? For example some schools have weekly classroom blogs, and we are hoping to utilise text messaging to ensure all families receive important messages, and most of all, we want to be transparent, open, respectful and warm in our style of communication at Winters Flat, and we really appreciate your feedback.

* 7. Thank you kindly for taking the time to help us improve our communication with you. If you would like someone from our school to contact you regarding your feedback, please provide us with your email or phone details, and we'll be in touch shortly.